Our History

The History of the Daughters of Penelope

The Daughters of Penelope was the realization of Alexandra Apostolides Sonenfelds’ dream. Her desire was to create a woman‘s organization and because of her perseverance and the encouragement of her husband Dr. Emanuel Apostolides, a devoted AHEPA, she formed EOS Chapter#1 with 25 charter members on November 16, 1929 in San Francisco, California, She was elected the first Grand President of the organization in 1931.

The objectives of the Daughters of Penelope are to promote Hellenism, Education, Philanthropy, Civic Responsibility, and Family & Individual Excellence, The Daughters of Penelope encourages and promotes loyalty to the country in  which they live; cultivates the ideals and traditions of Hellenism; promotes opportunities of education; and promotes the spirit of cooperation and works closely and in harmony with the whole AHEPA Family – AHEPA, Daughters of Penelope, Maids of Athena and Sons of Pericles, The Daughters of Penelope is non-partisan and non-denominational.

Today, the Daughters of Penelope is a leader in philanthropic, educational and cultural activities with local chapters in the United States, Canada, Greece and Cyprus.

 The Story of Penelope

In ancient Greek mythology, Penelope was the wife of Odysseus, King of Ithaca. Odysseus left her with their son, Telemachus, when he went to the Trojan War. After the war ended, numerous mishaps and weary wanderings kept him from returning home. As time went on and he did not return, many suitors tried to claim her hand. For a long time, she put them off with the plea that she must finish a robe for Laertes, her father-in-law; but every night she unravelled what she had woven by day, thus remaining faithful to the memory of Odysseus and steadfast to the sanctity of her home.  Finally, Odysseus appeared after an absence of twenty years, The name of our Order, Daughters of Penelope, symbolizes all the noble virtues that made up the character of Penelope.